Christmas at Halmerend CIC

Saturday 7th December 2019


Bringing to you A MAGICAL walk thru SANTA’S ENCHANTED FOREST …where you will find just where some of the wildlife go to away from the cold winter months ,,take a stroll through the trees and see them in their habitats, be guided by the woodland fairies, meet the Animals (they won’t bite).

A fun and magical experience all the way through, right up until you come to the MAGIC door!

Magic because when you open it, there you will find Santa Clause waiting for you with a gift!

Watch your little ones face as they experience this Enchanted Forest and all what it holds

Visit will include FREE walk thru the Enchanted Forest FREE* Gift From Santa

There will be food and beverages to buy in Minnie’s Tea Room.

Have your photo taken in the forest or with Santa


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